Eliminate Burnout & Regain your Drive

Vanessa Wiebel, Professional Cert. Coach

Leadership & Executive

Specializing to prevent and counter burnout in leadership and helping vocations— doctors, nurses, lawyers, police officers, teachers, advocates, government employees, financial planners etc.

  • You used to love your work helping others & now it is a drain.

  • People turn to you for help; when you need help, whom do you turn to ???

  • Burnout symptoms are beginning to kill you, lets turn that around for you!

Coach Vanessa Wiebel works with professionals not wanting to burn-out, currently they put themselves on the line for others working for positive change needed today.

Tailors to needs of individuals and companies.

One popular tool used is LUMINA SPARK, a personalized psychometric assessment tool ideal for individuals and small to large teams.



Certified LUMINA SPARK Practitioner offering

  • Lumina Spark Intro Assessment

  • Lumina Spark Full Assessment

  • Lumina Team Wheel Assessment

Assessments are easily done on line, prior to 1:1 sessions or in preparation for small and large team sessions.

You determine what topics you want to address during the assessment. I facilitate you through the process so it is less time consuming and worth your investment optimizing yourself and your team.

All assessments are tailored, lets start with a free consultation.

Why work with Vanessa as your coach?

Her success is in coaching you to stop the self-sabotaging habits. With her assistance you learn to align your mindset, innate qualities, vision and inner drive with each other, and have all work with you.

Most coaches predominately address the mindset of their clients and often, as coaching stops many experience a set back.

To counter this Vanessa helps you identify the turning point of the matter draining you. In her coaching session you learn how to transform what is not working for you so it does; leading to lasting positive transformations. You get happier!

Do you want an ally get back on you track?

“I invite you to book a complimentary session. It’s a risk-free way to see how professional coaching can help you move forward.”

In a Complimentary Session you have the opportunity to discuss a topic of your choice in a coaching conversation. You meet Vanessa and together you will determine what the best next step of action is for you to make a change. This helps you envision how you can move forward today. At that point, you can decide if having a coach in your corner is the next big step. This transformative conversation is free – and is guaranteed to be an insightful experience for you.


How does Coaching work for you?

Research by the ICF continuously proves  professional coaching accelerates a person’s ability to get through challenging transitions faster than on their own.  A coach is an ally by your side trained to ask you questions on aspects you might not have considered or have a blind spot for.  Friends and family members are seldom objective, as they have a motive based on their relationship to you. A coach does not.  Your coach is working for you ,with you no matter what while having your well-being in focus at all times.

Having a a coach is proven to be especially beneficial for HELPERS who put all others first and forget themselves. Experts and professionals with huge responsibility also tend to lose sight of their well being and get drained. This need to be countered as experts are very much needed.  Burnout is successfully countered with the YES YOU CAN coaching method.

This coaching methode helps you regain the courage and confidence needed to stop being drained and transition to do what it takes to reach “your personal  well-being zone”. Along the way you learn being sustainable successful. Yes, enjoy work & life.

I help you to break free of mediocrity, outdated habit and step into better suited action. During the coaching process you gain clarity and natural motivation. You begin to return to leading your meaningful life.

Experience a trial, book a Complimentary Session. In an easy and focused conversation, we identify what your next step is to eliminate your burnout, and start living your life’s mission again.


What all my clients have in common is their desire to make a positive difference.

My clients seek me out as they feel their profession has become a tough burden on their shoulders; they have lost the joy in their heart for what they wanted to do. I have helped many to get reconnected with their purpose and passion, supporting them by putting them back on the priority list so that they can begin to rediscover the richness of their life, regain the love for their vocation and sustain a high quality of life with joy.

If this describes you or someone you care for contact me  for an info-session by clicking the button.

What happy clients have to say about coaching

“Vanessa has been a god-send. She has the strength and will and compassion to help those who are willing to do the work to get what they want in their life. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to make a big change and needs the support systems to achieve it. Thanks again Vanessa!”
Jason D. Chapman, Chief Problem Solver, Stratapro Solutions, Surrey, BC
“Vanessa helped me overcome old behaviour belief patterns preventing me to see my own value. Now I step up into my greatness. No longer shy, I spoke in-front of a huge crowd at an important convention. I speak now in public with confidence, elegance and even if I make mistakes they are now enhancing my presentation and audience connection through humour.“
Nina J., Health Consultant, WA , USA
“Vanessa’s practical metaphoric coaching approach, is fantastic! Helps my company catapulting forwards faster then I though. She linked my passion to sports to my Business Plan and Systems Theory. Now I understand how to lead my team better and to have more effective scores for the company gain….. and with fun”
P.K., BCse, Nutritional Consultant and Expert, Surrey,
Vanessa, you have a excellent way of acknowledging persons where they are at …in a deeper way, your empathy, and compaction for a persons unique process really assist them to self-acknowledge and from that to feel internal motivation to go new steps and have more successful results.

You are amazing in your verbal articulation of emotional resonance and also able to entice in you written words person to move forwards in their own integrity “

Lynne Briston, Living in Vision, Coach , White Rock, BC
“You push me out of my comfort zone, not so far that I shut down . Vanessa has a good gage holding the balance of this delicate edge . I appreciate her gift as it gives me courage I can go though uncomfortable situation.

I never though I have that ability. Being in the process of being pushed and staying alert together with in. Vanessa I learned I can. As I do it with her when we go through together , it enables me to dare to push myself on my own and trust I can on my own . That was a exercise that was really good and a unexpected benefit from her coaching .”

Joelenne B. , Successful Salon Owner, Vancouver, BC

Is this right for you?

Here is a testimonial from a happy client .