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Claiming Coaching as my vocation was a meandering process. Though my mother sais: “ Vanessa, you have coached all your life… you spend hours and hours listening to others. Always wanting to assist them to be successful. Walking my talk I continuously  thrive for excellence.

Here, a sampling of what I bring to the table as your coach to eliminate burnout:

Professional Qualifications

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
  • Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and (ORSC)
  • Successful Entrepreneur and owner of a Holistic Health Clinic Collaboration in Vancouver
  • Shiatsu Therapy Certification & Diploma
  • Trained in Physiotherapy, and Soma-Emotional Release
  • Bachelor of Science in Geography and Urban Environmental Planning, Botany, Biology and Sociology
  • Bilingual; fluent in German and English language, culture and social codes
  • Being a Success Building Expert: Business Coach for “green minded leaders of today”
  • Active member of the International Coaching Federation ICF
  • Coach for CoachActivism  – helping refugees (intern. project ICF Vancouver Island Chapter)
  • Minerva Foundation Coach, coaching professional women to successfully return into their profession
  • Active weekly team leader and Mentor in the FOW {2012-2015}
  • Successful 2014 Fundraiser for: Breakfast for the Learning – Ride for refuge – Entrepreneurs
  • Two decades of active membership of the Shiatsu Therapy Association of BC  (STA) – Board Team – President- Non-profit organization restructuring

My mission

I coach Professional Experts & Helpers driven to make the positive social or environmental impact needed today and who are currently exhausted. I help them regain strong hearts and quit habits burning them out. I coach exhausted and dishearten Professionals to  learn to become truly successful while helping others be fulfilled and prosperous. One of my my life’s purpose is to facilitate people to reach living a meaningfully and prosperous lives of sustainable success making positive change possible today.

If this resonates with you click below for a conversation where we together define what you next step away form burnout could look like.

Are you…

Ready to take action?

Being driven to provide meaningful environmental solutions comes from a place deep within you. Achieving those goals can be overwhelming and confusing. Far too often we lose our direction amidst the challenges of life’s daily habits and distractions.If you feel like you are ready to implement positive action into your life, business, or community, then I invite you book a Complimentary Session with me. In a coaching style conversation we identify your next step of action to wards your goal to stop burnout and walk your talk. During this initial conversation you will experience your first taste of what we can achieve together.


Team Leader with Synergy Global Pty Ltd Management Consulting 11-50 employees

♦ At Synergy our ‘hearts & minds’ are focused on leveraging talent to make the world a better place – whether that’s your leadership ability or the collective genius of your team/staff – we’ll partner to unleash hidden potential. We focus on helping clients achieve positive, measurable behavioral & cultural change – encouraging you to exceed expectations, lead with integrity & have fun!

♦ We provide organizational development consulting & coaching services, for people wishing to focus on strategic priorities & improve their leadership of positive cultural change. We add value by assisting executives & teams to clarify their values, vision & goals. We then raise awareness of the importance of role-modelling effective behavioural change. This drives strategy, operational excellence, improves customer service & sustainable competitive strength.

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Publications and Presentations

  • Bestselling Author on Amazon with my book, “Stand Apart”
  • National Bestseller Quill Award LINK
  • Owner and Developer of the Yes you canconfidence formula  and LEAP program
  • Various Interview and Presentations for organizations, groups, on radio shows and in person all over the wo