Its a honor and privilege to have helped businesses with higher purpose to thrive.

Who are my clients?

What  they all have in common is:

  • All  are skilled professionals in a transition aspired to live in greater harmony of life, income and work.
  • All have a call to serve for a greater good and better tomorrow while today is also enjoyable.
  • All feel held back by a  external  hurdle or internal muddle they can not overcome without help.
  • The want a coach and ally having their back and cheers them on as they figure it out and succeed.

See below list for some of my former clients.




Business and lifestyle coaching helped this very passionate start up entrepreneur learning skills to become the leader his fast developing company needed.

Evolving the founder’s leadership self-management and communication skills, and also coaching  his young team the company began to thrive. I met the highly skilled and motivated team operating “by the seat of their pants”, and guided them to truly collaborate effectively, utilizing individual’s talents to meet the objective goals of the company. Today the founders little idea has speed across BC and Canada, is a profitable and world beneficial enterprise sticking to its core values and goals.

MXV Integrated Health and Fitness Entrepreneur


Coaching helped this trades & family man to leave his well-paying mind-killing job to follow his passion in 2010.

He became an entrepreneur by opening a Fitness studio. Coaching helped him through the steps from a solo-entrepreneur to entrepreneur to business man. Today his Fitness Center is profitable and thriving and a leading business in Fort St. James BC. Today he makes more money and works less hours on the job having more time for the family he loves so much. He is living his dream today and venturing on.

Beauty by Vengeance Salon

Beauty by Vengeance Salon

She relocated into a new community and started a new positive chapter in her life.

Business and lifestyle coaching helped this women establish her new business.  “Beauty by Vengeance Salon” evolved from an idea to reality. Coaching and education on business management helped optimizing staffing, time management, and policy product procedure development. Today this Salon enjoys costumers traveling across the province to seek her services.

Strata PRO Solutions, Surrey BC


Strata PRO Solutions, Surrey BC

Having a passionate idea and putting it into reality is a challenge and overwhelm can take you out.

This man was smart and realized he could not do it all alone. “I am fantastic competent micro-manger and stressed out” he said as I meet him. He needed a coach who understood and believed in him to be able to change, who he trusted to be on his side, as he was dealing with overwhelm symptoms ,stress, overload. All making him unable to be his best. Many had turned away form him – I as his coach did not.- Today he no longer has trouble with overwhelm thanks to coaching.  He realized how he can be energized in the process instead.  Today he delegates to reliable staff,and teams, constantly moving the company forward. He leads a strong team that makes stratas safe for people to live in.

Trikinetic Massage Therapy Clinic.

trikinetic-logo-massage-therapyBusiness and Lifestyle optimization coaching helped this legendary RMT – Clinic in the heart of East Vancouver stay competitive and up to date.

This business operating over 2 decades had gotten comfortable in its routine and had a wake up call as competition moved in. Modernization, renovation, and procedure -evaluation were required to achieve the most effective and fastest low budget transition possible. At the same time creating win/win/win for all involved and keeping business going.


continues to serve the Vancouver community with exceptional Massage Therapy.

Suite 302 – 1750 East 10th Ave., Vancouver, BC, 604 879 94

Volunteer Coaching testimonial: Coach Activism Project through the ICF Vancouver Island Chapter

Helping Organizations in Greece and Canada dealing with Syrian Refugee Youth.

Coaching highlight: Helping a vision come to life in 3 Months, creating positive impact services in a pilot project for Syrian and Greek youth.

A great idea needed encouragement to find its way to be presented to various levels of administration and up to UN authorities. The initiator and Youth worker received new skills and confidence to make the intimidating vision become reality, with prospects of secured financing and expansion.  At the same time creating win/win/win for all involved and keeping local and international efforts for peace going.