Work Life Harmony

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Seek Work-Life Harmony, Not Balance 5 Tips for you- Work-life balance is a misleading term. Many using this fashionable term are confused, it sounds like a oxymoron. There is a unspoken belief “work” is something you do apart from your “life?”Therefore you have no “life” at work?

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Season grump

By | December 5th, 2016|blog|

What to do with the season grump We are sliding into the celebratory season of December. Ideally it’s all about being happy together and having a great time. Of course we all know family are complicated social dynamics. At times we feel our stomachs turn. We might have a headache before we go to a [...]

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What to give to whom has all?

By | December 4th, 2016|blog|

Ever wonder: What to give to whom has all? Need something to give to that special someone that already has so much? Last week I was talking a nine year old, Rhianna, and asking her what she wanted for Christmas. Staring from one foot to the other, she finally mumbled, “I have everything and I [...]

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Xmas mail politics

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Xmas mail politics- No one wants to pay more for more tax then a little gift is worth.

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Halloween bring out the dark & bright side

By | October 27th, 2016|blog|

Does Halloween bring out your dark & bright sides Do you have your costume for Halloween yet? Recently, I was amazed to hear a large Canadian chain is refusing to carry clown costumes in this year. “It might be scaring children unnecessarily,” they reported. I suppose it might be confusing when the nice friendly clown [...]

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Correcting a paradox

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Correcting a paradox .“Look at my cool eco-friendly stainless steel cup. It’s so great, man,” exclaimed a guy in summer business attire to his business buddy. The buddy rolled his eyes and challenged, “So why are you holding that paper coffee cup and not using your cool eco-cup?”

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Excuses stop us stepping up

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Do excuses stop us from stepping up . My list of excuses went on, until one day I caught myself. I did consider their warnings. Yet, I chose to stick to my plan to

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How to return to the grind after a vacation

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Do you know how to return to the grind after a break Earlier I mentioned how important it is to take a break and have a real vacation, to refresh your mind, body and soul and be re-inspired by life. So… you did it! You relaxed and you are inspired. Maybe you took courses to learn something new. Maybe you gained new understanding, felt more alive and vital....and now how to integrate it is the quest...

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Best gift to yourself this summer

By | August 15th, 2016|blog, Newsletter|

Here are the top nine benefits I got from going on a real break this summer. You do not need a long vacation. In fact, you might just need two or three uninterrupted days to start. Gift yourself and be more successful

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Workshop success

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presenting the workshop several times, in Surrey at PCSR and at the Center of peace in Vancouver. It was a great turn out, and the feedback very inspiring. ...Everyone in the room had a chance to explore and play in a safe setting and have time to in cooperate the learning right there and then.....learning Emotional resilience ....this workshop is a success .

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