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CTI Model

CTI Model Principal of Co-active Coaching

Introduced you to the concept of “SMART.

Note that the meaning of the letters“ART” is unique to Co-active® Coaching.

This diagram illustrates the complex dynamics and relationship considerations followed by your Professional Certified Coach.

S = Specific. In order for a goal to be achievable, it needs to be specific.What exactly
does your client want to accomplish?
M = Measurable. A goal must be measurable and have a date attached to it; otherwise,
how can your client know they’ve accomplished it?
A = Accountable: In moving toward a goal, it is useful for your client to have you, their
coach, holding them accountable for achieving it.
R = Resonant: Resonant goals are what move clients toward their Big A Agenda, or who
they are becoming. Is this goal something your client truly desires? Will working to
achieve it take them toward the resonance of fully honoring their values? It’s part of our
job as coaches to help clients find the resonance in their goals — or let them go.
T = Thrilling: Goals should be so thrilling — and even scary — that the client can’t wait
to get started! Encourage your clients to set goals that have them stretch, that call them
forth to new capabilities and power, that push and pull them forward into a bigger life.
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Relationship with Success

Your relationship with success

Believe it or not what you think about your own success influences your results , this exercise gives you and interesting perspective and opportunity to clear what i no longer working for you , creating a para-dime you like.

Wheel of Life

Your Wheel of Life

This visual assessment tracking tool is great assistance to track your current state of life , areas. Many of my clients use it through out your coaching  journey as a check in and touch base assesment. I have clients using it weekly to see how they are doing. This tools makes the un-tangable visable and measurable and relate ti to the more matter a fact aspect of your life .

Wheel of Life

Tips for clients / coachees

Prep for the next session

For best results , you need to be prepared ! You get more out of the session if you have a chance to review your time in between sessions and chose what your next direction for your success is and what you need your coach to help you with as you track you own achievements.

Ideally you send this sheet to your coach 48h before your session for your coach to review and be best prepared.

When I get better

When I get better at …..then ………

This thought stops every great Purpose

Excuses….can be daunting and prevent us to look at our purpose . This tool might allow you to havea shift . Its fun.

IN my vocation I witness if a person in unclear on their purpose they can not aim. They continue to  and be on a exploitative route and opportunistic in their gains. Which often crumble as there is little foundation to evolve further.  Often success is wage and therefore seams flighty. Would it not be a relief if you know what drives your desires as they feed your purpose intentionally. – I hope this tool is a step for your to get closer to knowing your unique purpose.

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