My clients I help…

…are ambitious, daring leaders and helping professionals who have a desire to provide meaningful social, technical or  environmental levels. You are the kind of person who wants to have a positive impact on your environment and your community. You put yourself on the line for others.

MD’s, lawyers, social advocates, firemen, environmentalists, RMT’s , PT’s, Aid-workers and more.

But for whatever reason, you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or unfulfilled.

Maybe you’re at a point where you feel like you know what you want to do, but despite how hard you try, you’re still not accomplishing the things you desire most in life. Maybe you simply can’t figure out how to make it happen on your own and need an ally and fresh perspective. You are starting to wonder why do I put myself on the line for others as I feel unfulfilled. Possibly a like minded coach in your corner is the winning card you need to succeed.

Do you feel you are ready for change?

As a leader you are open to change. Are you willing to assess, be challenged to take a deeper look into your current process and daily habits. Are you willing to explore new ideas and prepared to take action for better future results.  Yes, you could reach a more fulfilling professional and personal life though coaching.

You’r ready? Then lets talk , I am happy to help, simply book your complimentary session today!


Vanessa Wiebel coachReady to step into action?

  • Do you want to have a positive  impact on your environment and your community?
  • Are you driven to help by making meaningful positive contributions to your field or team ?
  • You achieved some level of business success, and somehow it isn’t bringing the fulfillment you imagined?
  • Are you willing to be challenged in your current processes and daily habits?
  • Are you willing to explore new ideas?
  • Are you possibly stuck, overwhelmed, disheartened, unfulfilled?

Do you feel like you know what you want to achieve, but you don’t know how to make it happen on your own?

If reading these lines resonates with you, you are a candidate to take positive action. With my Yes You Can coaching program I help you regain your original passion, provide methods and tools to break free from limiting beliefs and habits. This way you progress actively reaching  your goals … and you begin to love your vocation again and much, much more!

My invitation to you: Book a complimentary session with me to experience my coaching style. During this initial session you will experience your first taste of how we might work together. Showing how you can reach success and not burn out.