One-on-One  Coaching

1:1 Coaching is a very specific style of conversation to facilitate transformation to reach desired goals. While the coach holds the positive perspectives needed during the transitions and facilitates learning to replace no longer desired habits, the coachee gains greater clarity of goals and finds a way to make them become real.

Why chose Yes You Can coaching?

Vanessa Elisabeth Wiebel has professional and personal  insight into to health and well being and how to manage burnout during significant life altering transitions. She herself has learned and witnessed how to keep WorkLife Harmony going in today’s stress consumed society.

Her  Specialty is to consider the constitution of the coachee during the whole process. This makes shifts and transformations easier for the coachee. this is enhanced by her teaching methods to manage and eliminate a sense of overwhelm. She introduces her coachees to the WorkLifeHarmony model to last them a healthy lifetime.

There are different styles of 1:1 coaching Yes You Can coaching offers

  • Executive/Leadership Coaching
  • Corporate/Management Coaching
  • Entrepreneur /Small Business Coaching
  • Individual Coaching
  • LUMINA SPARK psychometric assessments

Executive/Leadership Coaching

The senior executive’s role is a known high pressure, frenetic and often very isolated position. This can be a set up for potential burnout. – Losing key experts is devastating. Worldwide, top companies recognize to keep their key decision makers having the support of an external coach can be the key difference to preventing Expert burnout.

The Coach can facilitate them make more effective decisions, experiencing more success as they go through transitions regaining WorkLifeHarmnony.

The coach can provide insight and clarity on competing agendas, present an external perspective on internal issues, provoke creative solutions and ensure the executive’s own career or developmental goals remain on track and in the game.

Coaching gives executives an objective robust environment to keep them sharp, challenged and growing their leadership edges and stay well.

Corporate/Management Coaching

Everyone in an organization is a leader. This coaching rewards high performers and further develops them by leveraging their unique leadership capabilities, enhancing their executive presence or aligning them even more powerfully with organizational objectives and stay calm in the process.

The coach provides tools, support and structure for the leader to accomplish more focused results and not burn out. Specific targets and key measures are set and tracked in the coaching. This coaching typically increases employee engagement and retention as WorkLifeHarmony is introduced. These session are tailored to a companies specific challenges.

Entrepreneur /Small Business Coaching

Coaching can helps Start-ups to reach their next development stage faster and facilitate more seamless business growth. Managing resources and communications in a more effective manner leading to more sustainable evolving success.

Introducing WorkLifeHarmony principals early in a business can make it more resilient during its evolution and maintain better collaborate relationships leading to future success. The sessions are highly customized to match the companies focus interst.

Individual Coaching

Coaching can create deep, lasting and profound changes in the coachee’s life. Through coaching they become more connected to their values, unique abilities and what’s TRULY important to them.

They gain clarity about what they want and how to achieve it. By taking more effective and focused actions, coachee’s become more passionate about work and life, are more fully engaged, have invigorated momentum and experience a more satisfaction, joy and WorkLifeHarmony in life.

This can also be customized to coach performance management issues.

LUMINA SPARK psychometric assessments

LuminasparkassessmentAs a Certified LUMINA SPARK Practitioner and I offer

  • Lumina Spark Intro Assessment

  • Lumina Spark Full Assessment

  • Lumina Team Wheel Assessment

Assessments are easy done on line before meetings for 1:1 sessions or in preparation for small and large team sessions.

All assessments are tailored, lets start with a information conversation.

And that’s where I come in…

Vanessa Wiebel Coach

I am Vanessa E. Wiebel,  Professional Certified Coach

I coach  professional helpers ( MD’s , Lawyers, Social advocates ) wanting to make positive  impact needed today, though currently they feel overwhelmed and want an ally to find their passion for the call again.

Being a Helper is a challenge, it can take a toll on finances, career goals, our loved ones, and on you.

My pragmatic direct coaching focuses on well-being, optimizing management, team dynamics and counters burnout. I help you  to regain courage, confidence and persistence, to experience professional success and life balance you desire.

My coaching practice is designed to reduce trial and error learning and replace it with a systematic approach that produce reliable results and could potentially save you years of your valuable time and increase your earnings.

Why work with Vanessa?

  • My clients appreciate my direct, compassionate to-the-point approach and pragmatic doable action calls – cut to the chase, get faster results.
  • My frank honesty with genuine kindness as I help Helpers.
  • Perspective/outsider opinion.
  • You can’t see the whole picture when you’re inside the frame I am your ally.
  • I show you what you’re not seeing– but NEED to see to be successful/solve the problem.
  • Yes You Can formula – is a system developed over years of training, experience, 45,000 treatment sessions – designed to deliver the fastest, most effective results as it works with your core Body- Heart and Mind aspects.