Have FAQ about coaching?

Ideal clients, Who is ideal for coaching?

Currently your life is not ideal . You are interested not to burnout as you want to contribute to the good in the world.

You might have had a recent insight that martyring yourself will hurt you. Now you want to change, put to action and learn how you can make the switch or transformation to a better life for yourself. You might be stuck in a job that contradicts your values and you’re struggling with how to handle this without hurting your soul. Your job once feed your soul now it no longer does.

Your ideal desire and longing is to lead a meaningful life and be able to still have positive impact on the world around you. This impact can be technical, political or social. YOU CARE. You might want a more enjoyable and satisfying life, and feel like you want to do something that matters in the world. You’re looking for an ally who gets it, and helps you get there. -You found her in me, your future coach.

Stepping into a relationship with a coach can seem overwhelming. But let me reassure you. Everything we discuss is 100% confidential. And although I am not your therapist, I am your ally and our relationship will be based on trust. As your coach, I will help you focus on what is either working or not in your world today, and will encourage you to discover your own abilities to achieve a transformative and fulfilling future.


Schedule an information. This is your opportunity to get your questions answered. At the end of the 15 minute consultation, you will be provided with an overview of my coaching prices and packages so if you decide to hire me, you will be familiar with your options.


Or, book a more thorough Complimentary Session today.   This includes filling out a questionnaire and evaluating whether we are a good fit. Either way, you are under no obligation to make a decision.

Everything you share with me during your coaching sessions is 100 percent confidential and the setting is as private as you desire. I mainly conduct on-line coaching sessions and go-on site for aspects team coaching packages.

The primary focus of coaching is to clarify where you are today, what is working for you and what is not working and how you propose to reach your goals. We will not emphasize the past unless you believe that doing so is essential for your future well-being and success.

I believe that regular sessions are the most cost-effective and beneficial. Of course, we can be flexible as necessary in order to accommodate your schedule.

I have worked for more than 18 years. During this time I have helped thousands of people enhance their well-being and achieve their goals. My experience includes managing successful life transitions and advising on life-work balance, as well as physical alignment education. Refer to my LinkedIn and or my About page for professional credentials.

I firmly believe that homework is important if you are to achieve your goals. Clients often tell me that doing homework was actually fun and affirming.  I refer to it as HOME-PLAY as in the play we learn to most.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) has found that clients’ success in implementing the desired changes increased by 150 % after three months of consecutive coaching and by 500 % after six months.

A life coach does not offer advice. Instead I will challenge and encourage you to discover your own ability to understand yourself and your needs, vision and goals in order to make the choices that will help you achieve your transformative vision for a fulfilling future.

Sessions are scheduled for either 25 or 55 minutes, with the exception of the foundation session which can be 120 to 90 min.

In this session you and I will learn something about each other and create an alliance so we can work together in a more effective way. This session establishes a foundation for the coaching relationship and set your coaching goal and a process on which to build your vision for the future.

Yes, I value your time and my time equally. In order to help you reach your goals we must work together as a team. I ask that you provide 48 hours notice if you need to change your appointment. Otherwise, the missed meeting time will count and be subtracted from your monthly amount of meetings.

All on-line sessions take place between Monday and Friday during the day and early evening Pacific time zone to accommodate clients in Europe and across North America. My onsite team sessions are generally during regular business hours of the local time zone.

In a specialized method of conversation containing many questions, I will help you identify any obstacles in your life that you have not already overcome. My unique co-active coaching process also includes physical alignment education as it has a fundamental impact on your confidence and courage. In our discussions, I will help you clarify your goals and visions and together we develop your motivation and an action plan by which to attain them.

Green businesses often operate with other paradigms and value sets then the dominating consumer focused business. Green business operating today also have to make a profit to sustain and implement the bigger green visions they have for the world . Green businesses have to learn to operate with paradoxes, they are additional stressors besides being a start up and a entrepreneur. Green business coaching allows you to short cut common pit-falls and be more successful by having ally at your side as you figure out your way to success..

If you wish to tape your sessions, you may do so – it is your information and taping sessions will allow you to review them. For my professional development and supervision, I tape only selected sessions and only when you have given me your written permission.