What to do with the season grump

We are sliding into the celebratory season of December. Ideally it’s all about being happy together and having a great time.

Of course we all know family are complicated social dynamics. At times we feel our stomachs turn. We might have a headache before we go to a social event. There is clearly a body sign of discomfort. It is a signal of our body is saying no : “I don’t wanna go.”

What is your personality?

You stay home to-baby this feeling and not go or be a though buttercup. Did you know there are more options. How about finding out what that comfort truly is about and resolve that issue. To then choose actions to wards the resolve opening up to greater happiness and joy with in you. Enabeling you to be authentic and calm.

The season of happiness is so crucial to us. Specially as in winter all contracts and is more glumy. Literally we get less light and it effects us possibly giving us SAD .

To counter this it is incredibly important for our well-being to be truly happy.

Judith Glaser, whom I’m a fan of, and one of the leading science coaches currently active and North America. She spoke on the webinar about how our sensation of happiness affects our ability tomorrow, our ability to be resourceful with transitions and changing the world, and how it affects our health.

She states our high cortisol levels in times of stress stays with us for 48 h, where as our happy hormones (oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine) only stay about 12 h in our blood stream.

Our “happy hormonal levels” are more delicate, unfortunately they are crucial for our neurological abilities to function on highest levels.

The happier our brain the more we can learn, communicate and get accomplished with out burning out.

There used to be a time in my life where I really underappreciated happiness I wanted to be unhappy as then I felt myself being most alive as I was filled with teenage tension. The fear of sensation was dominant. This sensation of angst /fear is the opposite of happiness in it’s effects on our brain. Judith and her team fond the brain fires less neurons. Her research also showed actions taken where more defensive and exclusive.

In such a state of fear & internal contraction, the team found people held on to limiting beliefs, being stuck, feeling unwell, old habits or negative repetitive behaviour, and preferred not being motivated. The ability to become happy became more challenging as long as cortisol levels stayed high.

Judith explained at length the effects of cortisol to our brain. She described it has a crippling effect, creating more fight and then collaboration activities. Following Judith talked about the effects of dopamine. How dopamine and oxytocin created a sensation of happiness and that our body craves and is wired for to excel.

Her hypothesis is that we operate as better humans when we are happy.

What if we had more collaborative peaceful joyful, calm conversations and interactions specially over the holidays with loved ones.

These leading to more expressions of joy and happiness supporting the internal brain cocktail giving us the sensation of calm, content, satisfaction and joy.

Isn’t that the ideal feeling we all want to have? We don’t just want to have this feeling during Christmas we want to have this feeling throughout the whole year.

Judith pointed out that happy people generally are overall healthier live longer have a richer relationships and happier interactions.

You might think, this kind of happiness is not possible for you or a person you know who is always grumpy.

  • Who you dread to meet as a family reunion coming up.
  • Or at a a festive occasion as they always pull all down.

Yes they are by pulling every on into their cortisol dominant brain cocktail.

Judith mentioned awareness and experience are the only way to help people out of the “ distructive mind set” which a good coaching session series can do.

Have you considered giving a gift this year that is not material.

That is an experience ,that supports then to shift towards happiness. It does not clutter a room its an experience you can give that can create peaceful spaciousness. Maybe the family pitch would want to pitch in as it will be a benefit to all.

Give the “dishearten “ family grump a brain cocktail of Happy hormones. Have your relatives ask next year what did he drink to change. He is talking much nicer to me now.

This year I am offering ten coaching packages, for the length of 3 month with the focus to clear peoples brains and intentions to embrace the natural state of inner joy and happiness again. Its not therapy its coaching, meaning you will witness and transformation in the course of 3 months towards being more light hearted .

I am one of the few coaches focusing on shifting my clients brain chemistry while I work to a “ happier place” as this is now proven to facilitate greater well-being , health for the individual and therefore ease to their environment and social surroundings.

If you want one of these packages contact me : Vanessa@vanessawiebel.com