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Is your team effectively collaborating to be successful

Is your team in shape as you wish ? People accomplish more and get more done when they work together effectively in harmony.  Many companies find when members of a team don’t work well together, performance and productivity suffer. That’s not good for anyone.

So how can coaching help your team improve?

Coaching is a collaborative specific style of conversation to assisting your team to reach greater understanding of how to work better together. this may touch on aspect of  goals , vision alignment,  habits and  beliefs evaluation, and perspective clarification.  Supporting companies to have greater team efficiency. This can be offered in small group experiences.

The organization sets the intention of the team work focus. During the process the group will go through a journey of phases to reach their aim. As your coach I am your co-pilot, ally, sounding board, brainstorm-pal and confidante, helping your team to reach the goal sooner then if you where to go it alone.

With good team coaching  you can take your team to the next level and prevent expensive high employee turn over. It’s a valuable activity, and it’s an essential management and leadership tool for enhancing productivity.

Many teams I work with chose to use an interactive personalized psychometric assessment tool to make the experience more constructive, fun and less intimidating.



I am a Certified LUMINA SPARK Practitioner and offer

  • Lumina Spark Intro Assessment
  • Lumina Spark Full Assessment
  • Lumina Team Wheel Assesment

All are easy to be completed in a questionnaire on line before meetings for 1:1 sessions or in preparation for team sessions.

Together in the team you determine what topics you want to address and set outcome vision. As your coach I am the catalyst getting you there faster by facilitating your team through this process. It is faster then you think

During the Information conversation we can determined the focus topic.

Team Coaching For Small Businesses

Team coaching helps people understand how to work better with others. It’s an effective method for showing teams how to reduce conflict and improve their working relationships specially in evolving small businesses . With less conflicts the team can then focus on its real work and achieve its objectives.

Vanessa Wiebel’s team coaching program is ideal for:

  • Communication style optimization
  • Integrating a new person (dynamics change).
  • Management changes.
  • Discord in the team, conflict, people not working well together.

Problems this solves (or avoids)

  • Making working parameters, handling procedures and responsibilities  transparent.
  • Resolving the White elephants  = “isms” – ageism, racism, linguism, sexism, etc.
  • Revealing time line managements
  • Optimizing internal and external communication habits and styles

Results for your team

  • Everyone pulls together and aligns with company goals and mission.
  • Clearer responsibility outlines  of “who does what”- greater effectiveness
  • Increased  respectful and professional communication- internal and external
  • Greater team ability to collaborate and work together – utilizing each others strengths and personalities better
  • Team is able to handle complex decisions and changes better – faster execution and less internal resistance.

Vanessa Wiebel’s team coaching package includes training for groups of 15 or fewer

How it works

Sessions may take place in your Vancouver office or your on-site location. The session(s) is designed to enhance the team communication and collaboration in a company — the end result is everyone working together for the greater good. These session(s) can be one time, topic specific or a series of sessions aligning the team with company goals.

Vanessa WiebelWhy work with Vanessa Wiebel?

  • Clients appreciate my direct, compassionate to-the-point approach and pragmatic, attainable action calls. I cut to the chase, don’t waste time, and get faster results.
  • My frank honesty, coupled with genuine kindness.
  • I offer a fresh perspective and outsider opinion. It’s difficult to see the whole picture when you’re inside the frame.
  • I show your team what they’re not seeing, but NEED to see in order to work together successfully.
  • Yes You Can formula – a system developed over years of training, experience, – designed to deliver the fastest, most effective results by working  with the #CoreKey-approach

What others say

“Vanessa has been a god-send. She has the strength and will and compassion to help those who are willing to do the work to get what they want in their life. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to make a big change and needs the support systems to achieve it. Thanks again Vanessa!”

Chief Problem Solver, Stratapro Solutions, Jason D. Chapman, Surrey, BC

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