Ever wonder: What to give to whom has all?

Need something to give to that special someone that already has so much? Last week I was talking a nine year old, Rhianna, and asking her what she wanted for Christmas.

Staring from one foot to the other, she finally mumbled, “I have everything and I don’t need to wish for anything”.

I lost my breath for a moment, when I was nine I was definitely not in a place where I felt like I had everything.

My hesitation and silence grew throughout the second part of the answer:

“You know I have so much, everything and I know there are so many other kids that don’t even have enough to eat. Or they don’t have a home to stay. Or they don’t have an opportunity to go to school. My wish is that I could help them.

We bolster down and started to brainstorm, and I came to the realisation that we can do a lot of things here, locally as well as abroad.

How we spend our money is just as important as how we set our intentions to spend money.

  • At our spending with our values determines where the future will go.
  • Determines what other opportunities will be created by our spending money.
  • What opportunities do you create by giving your money to a charitable organisation?

Together we came up with some of our favourite charities. Rhianna wanted to help all and we decided by giving all of them a little bit, our little bit could go a long way. We could actually see where my money was being well applied in all concerns she had!

This is her top 4 list :

  1. Help refugees, even if the news has forgotten them
  2. the environment and animals, it is on going
  3. environmental positive future and
  4. other kids to get smart because its needed now ! : She said

Walk Free:
This is an organisation helping refugees and people in prisons in war zones who are innocent to be released and find new homes in welcoming countries.

Sierrea club:
This is a non-profit organisation specialising on ensuring our natural environmental nudity variety and diversity have a voice and is protected in this day and age of consumerism

Susuki foundation:

They collaborate with Canadians from all walks of life, including government and business, to conserve our environment and find solutions that will create a sustainable Canada through science-based research, education and policy work. Their mission is to protect the diversity of nature and our quality of life, now and for the future. Their vision is that within a generation, Canadians act on the understanding that we are all interconnected and interdependent with nature.

Breakfast For The Learning:

This is their Canadian organisation helping kids in school that don’t have any breakfast. They found that children having breakfast learn better.


What you can also consider is giving people an experience for an investment – you hear people saying : We are the future.

Indeed our own state will determine the future.

Self care is crucial specially in tense times. Many people like giving massages or pampering sessions as gifts. Indeed this is as important for the well-being of our body. Here is another thought, have you considered giving her friend or relative a brain pampering session.

By brain pampering in a coaching session, we can create clearer clarity, a sense of internal brightness, more confidence and greater ease. How would you like to give some one special a clear mind and calmness?

Coaching is not therapy or counseling, these practices are really important to help people clean and clear my mind as well and it generally takes a while.

Many of us are not in that stage. We are more in a place where we might not be sure how to choose a action to gain clarity. Some one might need someone to talk a choice through, to have an ally for to help them to transition to the next better phase of their life. Possibly heading into a new challenge as the New Year approaches.

Probably wanting to leave of the turbulence as of this year behind.

As a relative or friend you might not be the ideal person to be an ally as your emotionally attached to the out come benefiting you more then them or you might feel uncomfortable taking a side on a matter.

It might be a great opportunity to consider coaching for this loved one.

If you are aware of a family member or friend wanting to make a great change in their life. Take the opportunity to let them know that you would support them.

If the person who has it all in the material sense, though maybe their account is little too tight so they can’t really afford something significant. Here’s a suggestion to you:

How about if you contribute a portion of what coaching sessions would cost.

What about if you ran a couple of family members friends together to create a big gift for a friend which could be a coaching package.

If you would like to know how to find a qualified coach for your friend, I would be happy to support you and help point you towards how to identify a suitable coach.

If your in a position or a group in your family wants to get a greater gift. How about this year you give a prepaid coaching package to them? Your gift unclutters their brain and life.

I look forward speaking with you, or them. I hope to help you heading into our wonderful joyful season full of rich exchanges and connections with loved ones.

Maybe this time of rekindling love and connection string from you for the next year ahead and its changes.

I look forward to speaking to you in the New Year, and assisting you, or friends with my tips and our coaching so you can continue to do what you love.



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