Seek Work-Life-Harmony, Not Balance 

5 Tips for you, Work-Life-Balance is a misleading term.

Many people using this fashionable term are confused. It sounds like an oxymoron. There is an unspoken belief suggesting “work”  is something you do apart from your “life”? Therefore you have no “life” at work?

How to pursue your passion at work every one is raving about ? if work is not part of your life then …? Does your “life” not consist partly of your “work?” Do you not identify with your work?

Now think about the definition of the word balance – “it is a state of equilibrium or equal distribution of weight or amount.” Sounds stagnate or fixed.

Have you bought into the idea that having fulfillment in our personal and professional lives means we have to give them equal weight and priority. So its balanced? 50/50

Is this a set up of false dichotomy between two choices. I find it leads to perpetual feelings of guilt and remorse because I never get the mix right. Do you ever have this thought : While working you want to not work and rather and visa versa.

As I listened to an Orchestra, I had the epiphany its harmony we seek. Not balance.

We need to seek WorkLifeHarmony.

Consider the definition of harmony – “a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity. Collaborating creating some thing together, being in tune and in rhythm. Often creating greater then what was there before.” Having the BLISS moment.

Work-life harmony is rooted in an naturally integrated and holistic approach to life following universal laws. How about viewing work and private play time to support each other.

Indeed The blend of the combinations are unique to each individual. I can’t define what harmony looks like for you. Though if you are confused what your WorkLifeHarmony might look like, I sure am able to help you find you ideal mix . If you let me talk with or coach you .

To give you a taste of my perspective I work with I share five ways to help you discover it for yourself.

Are you clear about your purpose in life?

First of all, you need to know that you matter. You and your life experiences made you unique, holds gifts, talents and you are specialized. Your uniqueness is your path to claim your purpose. There is no one like you on this planet.

Second, many books are filled to help clarifying your purpose provides focus, direction, and energy to every area of your life. Why? As many found being clear on your purpose can help you be more efficient and happier in your life and stay well.

In my coaching practice I found some are born with one purpose, some switch and shift during their life time. Want all say who live in their purpose is : It’s the unifying force that energizes how I live” “ nurtures me “ , determines my priorities, illumines what’s truly valuable in life, and provides perspective and clarity to all I do.

Being in purpose nurtures them as they found their harmony with life = WorkLifeHarmony.

If your purpose needs a revisit or clarification, let look at it together in a conversation after which you will have a better idea of your purpose.

Seek internal happiness and let is shine

green forestmeditationforbusiness

Happiness is a felling we create inside ourselves. Unfortunately many have learned to be only happy if XYZ is in place. They have a picture in mind, want a thing, want some thing in a very detailed way ….Only then are they happy.

Many get disillusioned that the car, the job, being the ideal parent creates discontent. What happened? “Yes, you lost you balance :’ they say, “ all was so well lined up” – fixed. In the end it became stagnate and inflexible. It could not adjust to you evolving and settings changing. In the process of getting out of sink you lost sight of the inner feeling of “Happiness”.

There’s no shortage of literature and experts telling us that achieving happiness should be our primary goal in life. Scientist proofing happier people live longer. Making hormones function better.True inner Happiness is comes from a deep-seated joy and satisfaction of living out your life purpose – some call it content – German calls it GLUECKLICH ( literally meaning : being in LUCK) contentment sticks.


Understand the seasons of life to find your harmony

Even our urban life is defined by seasons. Recently my home was affected by strom warnings. We see seasons go by and each has its own characteristic and feel. Our clothing reflects these changes the most. Though at ‘work ‘ many forget we have various seasons and need to possibly adjust our actions to the seasons. – More are sick in winter, yes they lost their resilience. Lost their health balance.

Seasons shift our priorities. There is a purpose and opportunities in it. Our life’s have different seasons, completing our education as young adults, working up the career ladder, raising a family and the list is long. Our focus areas will ebb and flow in the course of our lives and how well we adjust to each stage determines our welfare. When driven by our sense of purpose, do many things and some how they all fit more or less harmoniously together. The more harmony you life has the more you feel your in the flow and life is great. Yes you can reach this in this life time.

One trick is to establish harmonic boundaries

Boundaries have a important role being able to stay WorkLifeHarmnoy & in your purpose. One of the world secrets is:” When you are clear on your life’s purpose, core values, and beliefs, you are able to make wise decisions about the use of your time, talent, and treasure. Yes, you make choices in a snap and never regret them as you look back.

The trick is you can support your work-life harmony by setting up systems and structures that keep you focused on the most important aspects in your life. Like the banks of a river provide the boundaries supporting the direction and flow of the water. Without those boundaries, the river becomes nothing more than a passive puddle or a swamp. Learning how to setup healthy boundaries that support you stay clear is important step to become internally happy.

Be present is being a gift

EyecontacthaveanicedayIn our today’s lives to be present and not think ahead or into the past is constantly challenged. News, schedules even setting goal planners can pull you of your inner timing. The seeking of THE balance is keeping many in a state of negative stress. There is the battle for balance.

Whereas Harmony is something we seek, is constantly fluid jet as clear as a note played. You hear if music is of key to your ears. Do you have the same sensitivity to recognize when your are not in your exact tune, harmony state of your life.

We tend to engage in a constant mental battle of worrying about how much time we’re devoting to one particular area of our life. We experience stress, tension, and guilt, because we always feel we’re out of balance. We spend too much energy on one aspect of our lives at the expense of another. The result is uncomfortable we’re never fully present and invested in all areas of our life.

Unfortunately burnout and feeling torn is become the socially acceptable norm.

When we’re at work we’re mentally consumed with what we should be doing at home. When we’re home we’re not engaged with our families because we’re preoccupied with what we need to do at work. Enough already!

Have you noticed in moments of being present and focused in the moment we increase our state of joy and satisfaction. So tremendously it benefits us in all areas of our life. We eat less sugar, hormones regulate better we feel more comfortable in our bodies. Again it is a harmony that is reached.

My invitation to you is to replace the idea of WorkLifeBalance with Harmony.


To reach work-life harmony isn’t easy and is also not complicated. We all naturally have internal senses guiding us, though we have to listen. We have to listen to ourselves as well as your outside world . These days most over focus on listing to what ‘The media sais” and lose the sense of their voice.

As I walk my clients though the coaching process to regain WorkLifeHarmony they learn. It does involve trial and error loops  to break old non desired habits, learning what works and what doesn’t. It is important to have consistency, a willingness to be open to try new and be in feedback and assessment loops . To re-calibrate how you’re investing your time and energy. With the right coach as your ally this process is not overwhelming. You learn to reach a state of less stress, more peace of mind, and increased motivation and passion toward all you do in life. You learn to fell inner happiness as you live in WorkLifeHarmony. Contact me for a consultation