Xmas mail politics can be confusing


Be smart when sending x-mas gifts overseas.

I received a package, an early x-mas gift from my family in November and found myself having to pay more taxes then the content was worth.

I was naturally upset – and investigated. I learned receiving gifts from web mail order form out of Canada companies requires me to pay an import tax.

Sounds fair… well no, as there is a double standard.

The same content of the package sent from a person to me as a gift will not be charged import taxes if personally wrapped. When its shipped 2X.

Indeed this is upsetting, in my case I had to pay more then the contents were worth.

Here is the charge list:

18% import tax + $16CAD cad service + 7 % provincial tax for living in BC total of 55.80.

My intention of sharing this is to save you the same agony and be smart and educated as you want to share x-mas across the globe.


My tip is:

Know the country your wanting to send a gift to, then chose a website of the country to make your gift purchase. The gift is in the country your loved one lives so then there are no import taxes to worry about.

Here is an example: your brother is in UK, use a UK company website for his gift. Your sister is in Europe, and why not use the same company for her … NO do not as the UK no longer is European as it comes to import tax. Your Friend in Thailand, yes use a Thailand based company.

You can also send gifts from a one-stop shop as that is cheaper . Have the bulk sent to you and you send individual wrapped package. Your supporting Canadian local economy.

Indeed : Your option is to order all have it come to your home address and repack it and

  • Write each package by hand
  • Specify the gift as a gift
  • Say the value is zero

Then your loved ones do not pay Import tax.

And what about gifts you receive, tell your family to pack it themselves:

  • Write each package by hand
  • Specify the gift as a gift
  • Say the value is zero

Then your loved ones do not pay Import tax neither do you.

And they can also go to a Canadian website and order something for you from there, also avoiding import tax.

Do not get me wrong, this is not avoiding tax its about being smart on the little things so the smiles on peoples faces stay happy as intended.

No one wants to pay more for more tax then a little gift is worth.

Merry x-mas gifting and have a wonderful time in the presents of kind hearts and giving gifts with less financial burden, while you support local business at home and afar.

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